Cinchapi’s Jeff Nelson discusses the challenges of working with data in conversation with, and how the imminent release of its namesake platform solves them.

ATLANTA, GA. July 25, 2018 – Cinchapi Founder and CEO, Jeff Nelson, is featured in an interview with’s Ion Mae. In the interview, posted at, Nelson explains how cost and complexity make it challenging for companies to get value from their aggregated data.

It’s not just the costs associated with the assorted tools and techniques typically used to explore and work with data. Nelson highlights the need for companies to invest resources in order to gain the expertise needed to do the work. No matter if the help and services are internal hires or contractors, the burdensome costs result in a barrier that some organizations simply can’t scale.

“This is why we created Cinchapi,” notes Cinchapi Vice President of Marketing, Bill Sengstacken. “Between the costs of retaining or hiring a Data Analyst and other staff, the costs of ETL, Data Warehousing, and then the assortment of tools needed really add up. That makes it very hard for a small to midsize business to keep up with their enterprise-class competitors. Cinchapi, by contrast, is an end-to-end data analytics platform which allows users to work with any data source. It uses machine learning to stream, examine, and store connected data so that users can then explore the data with natural language questions, see results visualized in real-time, and then use the results to adjust, halt, or commence enterprise workflows, all based on the data.”

This isn’t to say that humans are removed from the process. As Jeff Nelson stated in the SourceForge interview, “Alerts and messages can be sent to company staff via #Slack, text messaging, or similar apps, so that (a human) can make the final call.”

Indeed, the true power of Cinchapi is best realized by combining its machine learning along with human intelligence to make working with data easy. For a full recap of the SourceForce interview with Jeff Nelson, please click here

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Atlanta-based startup Cinchapi is transforming how data analysts explore and work with data by providing real-time insights with the power to act when it matters. Cinchapi is a code-free platform for business data discovery, analytics, and automation powered by machine learning. Its three-step Ask, See, and Act workflow makes working with data conversational, efficient, and intuitive. Imposing no schema requirements, Cinchapi streams, comprehends, visualizes, and stores definitive data generated in real-time as well as from conventional, legacy, and proprietary databases. The platform then gives businesses the power to take action without delay.

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