Cinchapi Beta adds Workflow Automation, Insight Detection, and Recommended Searches to its Data Platform; Will be a featured Startup at the Collision Conference in New Orleans.

ATLANTA, GA. May 1, 2017 – Fresh on the heels of winning the Atlanta Startup Battle, data startup Cinchapi today announced the addition of a new set of features to its namesake data platform. Building on the company’s core mission of providing computing without complexity, today’s release offers data analysts, data scientists, and business leaders additional capabilities to make working with decentralized real-time data more efficient and intuitive.

Additionally, the company will be showcasing the new features as well as the full capabilities of the platform at the Collision Conference in New Orleans this week. Cinchapi has been selected as one of 66 startups to be a part of the Collision Pitch Competition, with the first round occurring on May 2nd. The firm will also be demonstrating the platform in the startup hall on May 3rd.

The new features in this build of the Cinchapi data platform include:

  • Recommended Searches – Cinchapi recommends searches based on real-time changes in the connected data sources to ensure that users can easily discover new insights when they’re available.
  • Insight Detection – The platform runs automated analysis across every aspect of the connected data sources to detect and curate the most important traits.
  • Workflow Automation – Cinchapi allows users to easily automate complex workflows in response to changes in the underlying data set. For example, a utility company can automatically dispatch a repair crew when the data suggests a meter will become faulty.

These new features add to the compelling value proposition of the platform. By combining machine learning with human intelligence, Cinchapi simplifies the work and enhances the capabilities of data professionals seeking to explore and discover insights within any real-time or conventional data source – including IoT generated data.

“When we released the initial iteration of Cinchapi, we delivered a solution which simplified the process of data prep and exploration across disparate data sets,” said Jeff Nelson, Founder and CEO of Cinchapi. “Still, we knew that there was room for improvement. The addition of these new features into the beta will enhance the discovery of new insights across decentralized data sources, as well as powering complex enterprise automation workflows. Our team looks forward to showcasing these new capabilities at the Collision Conference in New Orleans next week.”

Cinchapi uses machine learning to be able to interpret and understand any data in any format. Machine learning also makes quick work of data prep and cleanup, so analysts, scientists, and business leaders can explore real-time and conventional data with ad-hoc, context-aware and conversational questions in just a few minutes. Additionally, the machine learning works to automatically uncover otherwise hidden patterns, anomalies, and relationships which may exist across disconnected data sources. Once discovered, the platform can function like a “Time Machine for Data” allowing users to rewind time to see how these hidden connections were created and how they evolved over time.

Asking questions is the first step in Cinchapi’s Ask, See, and Act workflow. The platform’s contextual natural language interface allows users to ask questions of the data with common English words and phrases – there is no need to use a cryptic query language in an effort to “solve for x”. Next, its analytic engine lets users see the results via vivid visualizations alongside easily understood text-based responses.

Lastly, users of the platform can act in a number of compelling ways. These include the ability to quickly identify interesting data which warrants further investigation by a human, it can generate code snippets for use in data-driven applications, and, as part of the newly announced features, Cinchapi can now trigger or dynamically modify enterprise automation workflows.

To learn more about the Cinchapi data platform, or to schedule a demonstration of the platform, please visit

About Cinchapi, Inc.

Atlanta-based startup Cinchapi is transforming how data analysts explore and work with data by providing real-time insights with the power to act when it matters. Cinchapi is a code-free platform for business data discovery, analytics, and automation powered by machine learning. Its three-step Ask, See, and Act workflow makes working with data conversational, efficient, and intuitive. Imposing no schema requirements, Cinchapi streams, comprehends, visualizes, and stores definitive data generated in real-time as well as from conventional, legacy, and proprietary databases. The platform then gives businesses the power to take action without delay. Learn more about 2017 Atlanta Startup Battle Winner, Cinchapi, and its technology at


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